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Sounds for Life is proud to offer Starkey hearing aids. Founded in 1967, Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American manufacturer of hearing aids, based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Starkey has a long history of innovation: they were the first company to introduce the in-the-canal hearing aid and the first custom, fully programmable invisible hearing aid. Starkey works with their sister research institute, Starkey Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, to compile data and feedback to further the development of their hearing technologies.


Sivantos Group (formerly Siemens) is the parent company of Signia hearing aids.  With over 100 years of experience designing hearing instruments, Signia is defined by life-changing innovations, and customer-centered and quality-driven values. Sivantos Groups says, “With Signia, we want to create a brand that is more human and personal, while building on the Siemens values of technological innovation and quality. For the years to come, this dual branding will allow us to leverage the best of both brands, appealing to a broader demographic, which will be the basis of our future growth.”


Phonak has been committed to developing, producing, and distributing cutting-edge hearing solutions for more than 70 years. The Phonak Belong platform brings innovative life-changing solutions: designed to easily connect to any Bluetooth® enabled cell phone and TV  and the world’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration; precisely calibrated to the individual ear anatomy for better hearing performance. Phonak also offers a rechargeable model, which provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.

Phonak also has a product built from medical grade Titanium which is discreet, strong, light-weight and the smallest in-the-ear hearing aid created by Phonak. 


Founded in 1904 in Denmark, Oticon is one of the world’s oldest hearing aid manufacturers. Oticon is driven by their “people first” mission, which is deeply rooted in its company history. With research and development from the Ericksholm Research Institute, Oticon hearing aids combine the customization of hearing aid features and cutting edge technology, both of which continue to push the envelope of hearing aid technology.

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